The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises 3.0 for blackberry

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Description :

The Dark Knight Rises is an action game starring Batman, inspired by the last film in the Dark Knight trilogy of films. The game's soundtrack and impressive graphics really make it stand out, looking, as they do, like something from a console and not from a mobile device.

A 3D action game

The Dark Knight Rises, is above all, an action game. That said, it asks more of players -moving through the environments, jumping from building to building, fighting your enemies, looking for clues, and manning the Batmobile and Batwing.

The game includes more than 20 missions, as well as link events like rescuing hostages, chases, prison breaks, etc. Your ultimate aim is to tumble Bane, Gotham's archenemy.

Too much assistance!

Despite the fact that The Dark Knight Rises takes place in a huge 3D world and you've got ample movements at your fingertips, the gameplay is too linear and too limited.

Even though you seem to have a huge degree of freedom, The Dark Knight Rises basically reduces you to moving to a point indicated on the map and pressing the buttons that are available to you at the time.

Impressive graphics

The technical aspects to The Dark Knight Rises deserve special mention. The graphics, effects and atmosphere are incredible, and not just when talking about Batman. The whole appearance of the game is amazing.

It's hard to believe that The Dark Knight Rises is "just" a mobile game. Even the voices, dialog and sound effects are perfect.

Looks great, plays...ok

It's a true pity that such an impressive-looking game doesn't offer playability that matches the same standards. The Dark Knight Rises is an absolute gem at a technical level, with graphics that we'll bet you've never seen on a mobile game. For that reason alone, it's worth playing, even if you just have a quick go of the trial version.

Download The Dark Knight Rises - Version: 3.0

The Dark Knight Rises

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